Monday, June 5, 2017

easy ways to cheat kylie jenners style

We all have seen her grow up from being the little half-sister of Kim Kardashian and stars in Entertainment Weekly’s reality television series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.This social media queen is very much known for her looks and her impeccable style.Kylie Jenner is epitome of beauty and bad ass.She can pull off any look and she can turn around any piece of clothing making it pop.Kylie Jenner, who is known for her rebellious sartorial streak.So here are some ways to replicate Kylie's style.

Crop top
I did not notice this until I wondered why most of Kylie Jenner street  outfits are crop top.Crop tops are great if you are short like me as it accentuates  height. But she took subtle proportions to measure and that wasn’t obvious at all! That’s an example of illusion with fashion, folks!

Believe it or not denim never go out of fashion and it has been very popular since many years.Kylie Jenner is a huge fan of denim.She likes to sport denim outfits be it pencil skirt or chambray skirt.Denims are just great for everyone and anyone can look decent or edgy in it.

Duster coats
Duster coats are really versatile and you can choose this in different colors like brown and black.Surround a beautiful pants and you will make the world stop and stare at you.The coat will add a little structured flair to the outfit that will make it ideal for traveling.

Graphic tees
Graphic tees are very versatile and chic.I just love the way graphic tees give a youthful and vibrant look .You can wear graphic tees with basic jeans or a skater skirt coz the choice is completely yours.So you want to channel the inner Kylie hidden inside you then this is a must have fashion item.

Go monochromatic with black
A wonderful application to the two common height-boosting tips is to go monochromatic.You can also wear black colored outfit from head to will never make a fashion blunder

Experiment with lots of dyes
This 18 year old bad ass is extremely dauntless when it comes to coloring hair. You can choose pale green ,blonde and ombre green green to channel the inner Kylie Jenner hidden inside you.Hate her or loathe her but you should accept than she is very hot.

Believe it or not the Kardashian/Jenner s have changed the game when it comes to makeup.They have set the trend of contouring and highlighting and this technique of makeup is a bomb as it can transform your look.Don't be hesitant to try contouring and highlighting if you're a true Kylie Jenner fan like me.

 Long nails
I've been stalking her so much on her instagram and twitter account and ive noticed that she is a huge fan of long nails.Manicured and stilleto nails are perfect to copy her style

Sunday, May 14, 2017

six genius style lesson abhaya subba weise can teach you

Abhaya Subba Weise is no question ,one of the fashionable singer.She is known for crooning skills and also her impeccable style.She is a perfect epitome of beauty and grace.She has always experimented with style.She isn't afraid to express her sense of style.she has already set a mark in Nepali music industry.She needs no introduction and she has not only inspired music lovers but also fashion enthusiast.This 'sakdina ma' hit-maker has  a unique sense of fashion that will let your jaw drop.Here are few style lessons from this rocker chick to replicate:


Monochrome look is great especially if you are short.wearing dress of same color  from head to toe will accentuate height and creates a illusion of taller body.When you stick to one color, there is a sense of continuity from your head to bottom and this creates a sort of vertical line on your body. I would suggest sticking to a darker shade and having the exact same shade with your top and bottom. Matching sets will do nicely for this kind of outfit.I've seen Abhaya wearing a lot of blacks and you can also wear an outfit like of her to unchain that inner rock goddess hidden inside you.


If you  want to improve on the height department–especially the petite ladies. And when we ladies have passed eighteen years of age and milk does not do the trick anymore, we find other ways to add a few inches to our stature.So we run to fashion to help us in creating an illusion that would make us look taller than we really are.If you are a short girl  then rompers are your best choice.It makes legs appear longer and accentuate your height.

 A touch of glitter

A little bit of glitter never goes out of style coz who doesnt loves sparkles.Whether your a working lady or a student you can carry off anything with sparkles. Outfit with a touch of glitter can amp up your style quotient.If you have a narrow shoulders then  sequinned tshirts or coats should be choosen  coz it gives an illusion of more broad look

Pick up the right shade

She has a huge obsession for sunnies and you can notice her wearing a lot of cat eye sunnies and mercury sunglasses.She has epic sense of style and she never goes wrong while picking the right shade to add glamor to her look.To be honest I love her  coz this diva is so fierce when  it comes to style and singing.

Floppy hat

Floppy hat is one the necessary piece of accessories.Floppy hats are available in different designs  and style.If its winter and you intending to buy one then you should buy hat made of straw instead opt for floppy hats made of felt.Its a great accessory as it can transform any boring outfit into a cute one.

Feather earrings

Feather earrings are back with a bang .they are versatile chic and bohemain.Its  very girly and vibrant and it can never go wrong with these.If you want to copy her style then you should definitely sport it.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

9 genius ways to look taller

Most of us probably wants to improve on the height department–especially the petite ladies. And when we ladies have passed eighteen years of age and milk does not do the trick anymore, we find other ways to add a few inches to our stature.
And of course, you don’t want to make yourself suffer and be pulled on a taffy puller. So we run to fashion to help us in creating an illusion that would make us look taller than we really are. We wearand avoid unflattering clothes that can swamp up your height. So here are a few outfit ideas and tips & tricks to make you look taller.


Wear The Right
Sometimes, all you need to do is create an illusion of longer legs. And you have numerous to go to for this. You could try wearing a pair of high-waisted pants and pair it with a crop top or an inserted top. You could also go with a cropped pants that hangs over your ankles and you can pair this with almost anything.

Mini skirt
Mini skirt are short girls best friend coz it makes you look taller .|Choose for darker color as this would help in emphasizing your legs. Of course, if you’re not that comfortable in showing so much of your skin, you could layer a pair of tights underneath. It also adds to the preppy chicness of the outfit.

High-Waisted Adds Height
Keeping your bottom clothes past your hips will definitely help make you look taller. However, you don’t want to be too obvious with it so go for waist-length clothes. You also want to tuck your top inside to have a more proportional look with your top and bottom. This way, you’d definitely look like you have longer legs.

When you stick to one color, there is a sense of continuity from your head to bottom and this creates a sort of vertical line on your body. I would suggest sticking to a darker shade and having the exact same shade with your top and bottom. Matching sets will do nicely for this kind of outfit.

 Showing some skin does not only means showing much of your legs but also try to show much of your neck part. Especially to those who have a more conservative style and does not do sleeveless. V-necks not only makes you look taller but it drags the attent.Avoid turtleneck and scalloped neck that will make you look stubby and short.

Long boots
Another way to add a few inches on your height is by wearing knee high or over-the-knee boots. With this, you could opt on having a peeking glance of skin showing by pairing it with shorts or mini skirts or you could also wear it over your  skinny jeans.

Nude Sandals
Another way to show as skin is by wearing nude heels. They create this illusion of you on tip toe, especially when your wearing heels and shorts or skirts. Choose a nude shade that will really look nude on you. This means an exact or approximate shade of your skin. And while it’s highly suggested to also expose as much legs with this scheme, you could always opt to wear it on pants.

Choose Thin Belts
Thin belts are subtle and edgy because it makes you look taller. I suggest a color that will stand out from the rest of your outfit.

The Right Hairstyle
You could also try to make yourself taller by having the right  hairstyle. Bob cuts are trendy this season and is very chic too. Of course, if you’re not ready to bid farewell to your long locks,then fake a bob like a boss. You can find many tutorials in YouTube on how to fake a bob. Top knots also adds height and for obvious reasons.

Monday, February 6, 2017

5 sexy hairstyles every guys needs to try

Some hairstyles really look edgy to men. If you want to change your look, you should really consider these stylish hairdos because you will not  ignore these hairstyles. Whether you want a bolder hairstyle or a classic cut, our five suggestions will provide you with some very useful ideas. These are the five male hairstyles that every woman loves:


1.Messy Man Bun

 Messy man bun are really cute if you carry it properly, so you should master this useful hair styling technique for long hair because you will catch any woman’s eye. A stubble beard would clearly be a plus, but the right kind of bun will do the trick even with a clean shave. You should know that there is a very fine line between an  masculine man bun and a completely repulsive hairdo. Make sure you avoid those perfectly crafted buns because you don't want to end up looking like a drag king lol!!:D :D. 

2.  Buzz Cut

This haircut  can make you look cute as it looks so seductively masculine. We strongly recommend that you consider growing a beard as well because this adds a special kind of edge to the entire look. Hair length is not exactly an issue. In fact, the shorter the buzz cut, the better.

You should also consider the fades sides because these are a important elements of the final look. The fade should be striking because it is meant to create a contrast with the rest of the hair. This cut is extremely easy to style and it will go with every single one of your outfits, so it’s no work and all pay!  

3.  Ivy League Cut

If rough and eccentric isn’t really your style, then you should opt for an elegant look. This  haircut is one of your best options because it is classy, yet slick and boldly attractive and it can make you look charming.this look is really neat and accentuates any man's feature.With the right styling technique and an elegant outfit, you will be absolutely unstoppable.If polished look is what you choose then this is the one for you

 Your ivy league hairstyle should have somewhat of a side fade, but in this case, it should be very subtle.  

4. Curly long updo

 Forget looking perfect and conventional this season coz its time to get that messy look to amp up your style quotient with this Jon Snow signature hairstyle. Keep it just the right amount of messy to boast that rugged look that women love so much. You can use styling moose to define your curls and give a more authentic touch to your cut. This long hairdo is the perfect combination between manly and elegant.

We suggest to use wide comb over because this highlights your lush curly hair. Use just a bit of hair gel to keep it in place and just a few minutes, your hair will look excellent. To complete the Jon Snow look, you should consider a long beard as well. This will go perfectly with you long locks, and all eyes will be on you. 

5. The David Beckham Quiff with Side Fade

Rock that elegant look with the perfect quiff haircut. You can use David Beckham’s hairstyles as inspiration  you can choose  short and long quiffs, as well as various types of faded sides.

Whether you choose a long quiff with striking fades or a shorter quiff with subtle sides, you will look fantastic, and everyone will notice. Comb your hair back to get the most out of this hairstyle and use a generous amount of styling moose to keep it firmly in place.

So, is it going to be the lavish long hair with the messy man bun, the rugged buzz cut, or the elegant ivy league? Whichever one you choose, we guarantee that the results will be impressive. Such excellent styles will not go unnoticed, so get ready because all eyes will be on you!