Friday, February 26, 2016

Rihanna style transformation

She crooned that you could stand under her umbrella when the going gets tough.Oh yes Rihanna also affectionately known to  her fans as RiRi  or queen Rihanna.generally  acknowledged to be  this generation's hit maker,Rihanna  has got many awards and accolades to back this statement .Her ride to success  and style  have  elevated at a very glacial pace .Today's blog post will be about her style transformation.

She entered into music industry with the girl next door look with that audacious style and amazing crooning  skills she came into spotlight.

Umbrella hit maker rocked this edgy bob cut in 2007 and made us literally drool

she can turn around any piece of cloth and make it look it one would carry that risky pixie cut like she did
Riri also tried this versatile look at Vevo party. Rihanna channeled a present-day Joan Jetson working a fiercely futuristic ensemble with lethal gold peep toed booties

 There was a lot of red going on red hair, red dress, red carpet… wow. She still looked pretty though

the singing goddess remained consistent with her style with long red hair

She looked hot as hell with that Giorgio Armani dress.

 Rihana medium wavy hair-styles is wonderful and also beautiful hair style is showcased by a lot volume and also blond

Rihana posed in Brooklyn yard showcasing Chanel

She was sporting a casual can never go wrong with skinnies,sweat shirt and doc marten.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

leather jacket

hey guys whats up?? Its been ages that I dint post anything i was just busy with my work.Today i have decided to post this look.I know its been forever that I didnt post anything.Currently i am just obessed with my leather jacket i feel like a rockstar when Im wearing this leather leather jacket was a gift from myuncle . Im harbouring my favourite sunnies from peoples plaza.i am keeping everything minimal because less is more.i hope you liked this post.Feel free to comment because i value your comment.
with love ellie

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

5 ways to get out of insecurity

At some point in our life ,we all had to struggle insecurity.Even i had felt unworthy of love for my insecurity made me problems where they didn't exist,turning what could have been a successful relationship into a short lived,dismal failure.A common question that replayed in my head was:"would he be sick of someday? or "How could they love me?someday they will flirt with other girls and leave me."If so here  are few ways to let go of insecurity.

1.stop overthinking

overthinking causes you mental tension.its the head that messes you up.stop psycho-analyzing every word choice that your partner makes and be more present in the moment.Obsessing  with hidden meanings will surely backfire things.

2.Stop feeling paranoid over nothing

Stalking on others is very bad and its not cool to invade others privacy.
Avoid the temptation to snooping your partners phone, Facebook message or emails account.This could irritate you.It also helps to develop a behavior that could quickly become addictive ,not to mention damaging for relationship trust.

3.Be independent

Being independent is the most beautiful thing.Being independent is a form of loving oneself.we should do all our things all by ourself.The more independent we are, we will get more respect and love from others.Just like you shouldnt invite a friend to your home while its a disaster,you shouldnt invite a partner  into your life while its a disarray.Take care of your inner house before you invite anyone else.

4.stop seeing things in black and white

If you have a problem ,don't immediately point the finger,but instead approach your partner with compassion and understanding.Don't just pinpoint their mistake instead talk it out and solve it.Pinpointing their mistake will damage your relationship.we all are imperfect and we all make mistakes so no relation can be that perfect its up to you how you  deal your relation.

5.Inculcate positive thinking

Your thoughts can be your best friend and your worse enemy.if you start  bring all your negative thoughts in your mind ,you will be in a worse situation.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

6 DIY EPIC Gift ideas for your Valentine

Some people think the hardest part of Valentine’s Day is finding a valentine. But we all know the most difficult part is avoiding buying into a Hallmark holiday and becoming Cupid’s cliché.

Since there is nothing more boring than spending a ridiculous amount of money in the name of love, we’ve partnered with Extra Gum to present this romantic, DIY gift guide.

We scoured Pinterest, and -- well, mainly Pinterest -- for the best ideas for handcrafted, handmade and heartfelt presents you can give to your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.


1.write a public love note 

 You’ll need: Chalk and/or chalk marker

The gift: Sending a love note is quite possibly one of the most romantic things you can do for your SO -- so why not make it a public spectacle that can help them smile throughout the day?

Use chalk or chalk marker to write endearing, heartfelt and/or funny messages on your bathroom mirror, in your driveway, on the sidewalk or even on the car windshield -- basically, anywhere your partner is sure to look on his or her way out of the door in the morning.

This is an especially sweet gesture if you don’t see your partner first thing in the morning ... and way easier than holding a sign declaring your love, outdoors, in the middle of the winter.

 2.Love rocks 

colors of different shapes and sizes, then seal with a layer of mod podge. Great for your gardening friend, or leave them around the neighborhood to brighten a strangers day


 3.Tick Tocks


 Who knew breath mints could be so romantic. Just decorate them with these labels

4.gliterry nailpolish 


Make your own glittery heart nail polish for lady friends



 This blogger simply attached a Valentines Day note to pairs of dollar store sunglasses. A creative and inexpensive gift that’s great for a group!

6.Sharpie Mugs

 Make your own mugs of love as gifts for friends, family, or your sweetheart