Wednesday, February 3, 2016

6 DIY EPIC Gift ideas for your Valentine

Some people think the hardest part of Valentine’s Day is finding a valentine. But we all know the most difficult part is avoiding buying into a Hallmark holiday and becoming Cupid’s cliché.

Since there is nothing more boring than spending a ridiculous amount of money in the name of love, we’ve partnered with Extra Gum to present this romantic, DIY gift guide.

We scoured Pinterest, and -- well, mainly Pinterest -- for the best ideas for handcrafted, handmade and heartfelt presents you can give to your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.


1.write a public love note 

 You’ll need: Chalk and/or chalk marker

The gift: Sending a love note is quite possibly one of the most romantic things you can do for your SO -- so why not make it a public spectacle that can help them smile throughout the day?

Use chalk or chalk marker to write endearing, heartfelt and/or funny messages on your bathroom mirror, in your driveway, on the sidewalk or even on the car windshield -- basically, anywhere your partner is sure to look on his or her way out of the door in the morning.

This is an especially sweet gesture if you don’t see your partner first thing in the morning ... and way easier than holding a sign declaring your love, outdoors, in the middle of the winter.

 2.Love rocks 

colors of different shapes and sizes, then seal with a layer of mod podge. Great for your gardening friend, or leave them around the neighborhood to brighten a strangers day


 3.Tick Tocks


 Who knew breath mints could be so romantic. Just decorate them with these labels

4.gliterry nailpolish 


Make your own glittery heart nail polish for lady friends



 This blogger simply attached a Valentines Day note to pairs of dollar store sunglasses. A creative and inexpensive gift that’s great for a group!

6.Sharpie Mugs

 Make your own mugs of love as gifts for friends, family, or your sweetheart


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