Wednesday, April 9, 2014

im happy in my own world

hey lovelies,im back with this post. i love red so i picked myself a red coat and to complete the look i accesorized the look with my Faux chanel bag that i got from  local store.i hope u like this post
mucha gracias
with love aLLie

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

cuz i was born to be bold

my dress is from forever 21
gloves is DIY
and i got my locket as a bday gift

Thursday, April 3, 2014

colour me nude

 she aint rich coz she's got fashion
she aint a model but the camera's flashing
she aint jagger but she got the swagger

i guess im too whimsical

ey!! there homies its been forever tht ive not updated blog .ive been busy so excuse my business latelY ive been in love with leather coz its so can turn around any piece of cloth make it it never goes out of  fashion jeans are from globus colection, scarfs are from local store n  shoes r frm local store

purple haze

hey lovelies this me alley i hve just started this blog i hope u like this post.i love looking cute and u can never go wrong with purple .ive tried retro glasses from gucci hope u like this ootd
mucha gracias
with love allie