Monday, February 6, 2017

5 sexy hairstyles every guys needs to try

Some hairstyles really look edgy to men. If you want to change your look, you should really consider these stylish hairdos because you will not  ignore these hairstyles. Whether you want a bolder hairstyle or a classic cut, our five suggestions will provide you with some very useful ideas. These are the five male hairstyles that every woman loves:


1.Messy Man Bun

 Messy man bun are really cute if you carry it properly, so you should master this useful hair styling technique for long hair because you will catch any woman’s eye. A stubble beard would clearly be a plus, but the right kind of bun will do the trick even with a clean shave. You should know that there is a very fine line between an  masculine man bun and a completely repulsive hairdo. Make sure you avoid those perfectly crafted buns because you don't want to end up looking like a drag king lol!!:D :D. 

2.  Buzz Cut

This haircut  can make you look cute as it looks so seductively masculine. We strongly recommend that you consider growing a beard as well because this adds a special kind of edge to the entire look. Hair length is not exactly an issue. In fact, the shorter the buzz cut, the better.

You should also consider the fades sides because these are a important elements of the final look. The fade should be striking because it is meant to create a contrast with the rest of the hair. This cut is extremely easy to style and it will go with every single one of your outfits, so it’s no work and all pay!  

3.  Ivy League Cut

If rough and eccentric isn’t really your style, then you should opt for an elegant look. This  haircut is one of your best options because it is classy, yet slick and boldly attractive and it can make you look charming.this look is really neat and accentuates any man's feature.With the right styling technique and an elegant outfit, you will be absolutely unstoppable.If polished look is what you choose then this is the one for you

 Your ivy league hairstyle should have somewhat of a side fade, but in this case, it should be very subtle.  

4. Curly long updo

 Forget looking perfect and conventional this season coz its time to get that messy look to amp up your style quotient with this Jon Snow signature hairstyle. Keep it just the right amount of messy to boast that rugged look that women love so much. You can use styling moose to define your curls and give a more authentic touch to your cut. This long hairdo is the perfect combination between manly and elegant.

We suggest to use wide comb over because this highlights your lush curly hair. Use just a bit of hair gel to keep it in place and just a few minutes, your hair will look excellent. To complete the Jon Snow look, you should consider a long beard as well. This will go perfectly with you long locks, and all eyes will be on you. 

5. The David Beckham Quiff with Side Fade

Rock that elegant look with the perfect quiff haircut. You can use David Beckham’s hairstyles as inspiration  you can choose  short and long quiffs, as well as various types of faded sides.

Whether you choose a long quiff with striking fades or a shorter quiff with subtle sides, you will look fantastic, and everyone will notice. Comb your hair back to get the most out of this hairstyle and use a generous amount of styling moose to keep it firmly in place.

So, is it going to be the lavish long hair with the messy man bun, the rugged buzz cut, or the elegant ivy league? Whichever one you choose, we guarantee that the results will be impressive. Such excellent styles will not go unnoticed, so get ready because all eyes will be on you!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Top five things you need to wear this winter

Winter is here and you all know that winter cant be complete without unique jackets,coats and few winter essentials. .It already winter and its that time when we get to flaunt our stylish coats and jackets.Winter is a perfect weather for me.Finding the perfect wear to complement your body can sometimes be difficult. You’ll want something that’s both fashionable and practical for everyday use, especially if you’re looking for street style . Check out these street style you shouldn’t be without this winter 


oversize knit

This can be a straight hem or asymmetrical; an oversized knit is not only the epitome of cozy, but when paired with leggings and knee or thigh-high boots, as well as layered with the right scarf and jacket, it is not only cozy but exceptionally trendy. Beat the cold with this hot look that is perfect for both being out and about, or nestling in for a warm evening at home.


sweater dress

Unlike the oversized knit that is all about that chunky chic look with cozy appeal, an excellent sweater dress is usually less chunky and more form flattering – without compromising on the cozy. Paired with a large scarf and knee-high boots, this look is both warm and stylish, whilst also being good for the days when stuffing yourself into another pair of pants is just unthinkable. We all have those days.

What looks do you want to try out this winter? Do you have a favorite sweater style that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comment section below


cropped sweater

 Absolutely perfect for layering, the cropped sweater keeps you warm where it counts and still accommodates whatever you pair with it for that full visual combination effect. Usually a favorite for completing fall looks, but you can easily bring this staple item into the winter months with a few warmer layering techniques. We would suggest a white wool crop – it’s easy to pair with everything and gives any outfit that white, wintery  perfect  look for layering, the cropped sweater keeps you warm where it counts and still accommodates whatever you pair with it for that full visual combination effect. Usually a favorite for completing fall looks, but you can easily bring this staple item into the winter months with a few warmer layering techniques. We would suggest a white wool crop – it’s easy to pair with everything and gives any outfit that white, wintery feel that cozy sweaters  are made for.


Turtle neck

turtle neck not the kind of turtleneck you had as a child that made your neck itchy and gave you the feeling that you were being choked. We all hated those.But fortunately you can wear turtleneck to add oomph to your style. Staying in vogue this season will be all about finding the perfect turtleneck – just stay clear of those itchy materials and you’re all set. Bottom line, this pullover option is not only practical for keeping you warm, but it offers wonderful layering opportunities; pair with a fur vest or chic outerwear, this understated sweater complements almost any outfit, while simultaneously adding a smart appeal to any look.

skinny jeans

 As one of the most indispensable fashion items in your closet, e perfect pair of dark wash skinny jeans can prettify your winter layers. Planning to do some errands? Wear them with your favorite boots.Want to paint the town red? You can do so by pairing your jeans with a cozy sweater and pointed heels or  flats.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Elegant mermaid tattoos that will blow your mind

Hey lovelies,

Whats up?? It  has been a long time that I have not blogged about anything.I was really busy and I was in tension.Right now I am obsessed with mermaid tattoos i cant wait to ink it.I have researched about mermaid tattoo  cos its so cute.Meaning of mermaid tattoo:a mermaid is a beautiful creature with fish tail.Mermaid is creature which lives under the sea.It is said that sometimes  mermaid comes out of water and sings in a sweet voice to lure sailors to death. This myth made mermaids fearsome to some  sailors and old sailors used to carry body art of mermaid with them.Nowadays, women rather than men carry mermaid tattoo as it symbolizes freedom and liberty.

Here are some mermaid tattoos that can be inked by women

 Mermaid tattoo on the wrist

Mermaid tattoo looks very stylish on wrists It looks really cute on wrists .There are plenty of designs available on the internet.But this is my favorite and some day i am going to ink it.What I like about these mermaid tattoo is that it so feminine,girly and elegant.I was always fascinated by mermaid since my childhood and I used to love Aerial a lot.

Tribal mermaid tattoo

Mermaid tattoos are available in  tribal designs .they are really cool and unique.To those who prefer simple look tribal mermaid tattoo is the best.

Mermaid with anchor designs

If you want to try something different then tribal mermaid tattoo is the best option.You can find fake  tattoos of mermaid wrapped around the anchor.

 mermaid scales tattoo

If you want to try something different,edgy or unique then scales tattoo is the best option. The first time when I saw this that i was like 'wow'.I really find it cute and amazing cos its this tattoo is very isn't it awesome to ink scales??

Mermaid full back tattoo

Mermaid tattoo looks nice on back.Its very versatile and I've seen few people wearing this tattoo.I don't think this tattoo is too mainstream and I don't like to be in matchy- matchy tattoo situation.So this is best tattoo you can ink on your skin

Disney mermaid tattoo

who said your too old for Disney?? they say that you are never too old for a Disney and you can never go wrong with this Disney princess mermaid tattoo.I just love Aerial when I see this tattoo it reminds me of my childhood and I just love this idea of this tattoo.

 I hope you enjoyed this post if you have any suggestion and requests feel free to let me know.

with love



Meaning of a mermaid tattoo:A mermaid is a mythical creature which has the body of a beautiful woman with a tail of a fish. Mermaid is a water creature which lives in the sea. Sometimes a mermaid comes out of water and sings in a very sweet voice that lures sailors of a ship to their death. This very myth or belief once made mermaid a fearsome  creature to the sailors of the past. - See more at:
Meaning of a mermaid tattoo:A mermaid is a mythical creature which has the body of a beautiful woman with a tail of a fish. Mermaid is a water creature which lives in the sea. Sometimes a mermaid comes out of water and sings in a very sweet voice that lures sailors of a ship to their death. This very myth or belief once made mermaid a fearsome  creature to the sailors of the past. - See more at:

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

holiday look

I really had jolly good time at Jhor.nowadays i love loafer and my basic pink tshirt its cute and leave a comment below what you think of this look

Friday, December 9, 2016

Few style lessons from taylor swift

Taylor swift is no question ,one of the fashionable singer.She is known for crooning skills and also her impeccable style.she is a perfect epitome of beauty and grace.This "I knew you were trouble hit maker" has always experimented with style.Taylor on the other hand goes for comfortable and chic style.she isn't afraid to express her sense of style.Here a tips on how to get Taylor swift style:

High slit skirt
You have seen these in runaways and on red carpet.This trend is one the coolest thing happening now.The key too look chic and elegant while wearing this style is to keep everything minimal.Swift isnt afraid of trying new things .she is very versatile when it comes to fashion.Slit skirts are very edgy and feminine.If you want to channel this diva's style then this is the perfect choice.

Classic oxfords
If you aren't up for making the effort dressing up,slip on oxford shoes and take the most of comfortable dress so that attention goes down below your shoes.Its comfortable and at the same time its very classy and chic.This 'I knew you were trouble' hit-maker isn't afraid to choose vintage fashion to amp up style quotient.
Oxfords are the best way to amp up your style quotient if you give your first priority to comfort.

The Breton Top
The Breton stripes is, by far, one of the chicest prints existing. It was first started by Audrey Hepburn and now its like the most essential piece needed in every girl's wardrobe.So we cannot question its presence in this list. The print exudes a certain air of casualness and a good enough amount of chic. And this, in turn, makes the printed top a versatile piece.Taylor swift has a obsession for Breton top and her sense of style is very vintage.She is a mind blowing minimalist who likes to keep things simple and chic

The Simple Dress
Taylor swift loves classy dresses and she wore such dresses in front and outside the camera. These dress are all non-flowing and creates a shape on your silhouette. Find a dress that will fit your body quite well. In fact, you can just find a good tailor who will adjust them to your order to copy her style you should wear simple dress and also a red lipstick.

Printed pants
Printed pants are very popular these days.they are raging these days from Versace runaways to of the reason for it to be popular is comfort.It creates an illusion and makes you look taller.Its really classy and I am also in love with it.Anyone can carry it with confidence.Taylor Swift has a adventurous style and she is very experimental when it comes to fashion she doesn't likes to be monotonous.

Perfect winged liner
Taylor swift rarely goes out without expertly lining her lids with black eyeliner for a perfect cat eye effect.She loves vintage fashion and she doesn't take a second thought to try vintage style.She used to watch a lot of old movies and she likes to try make up tricks done by old Hollywood movie stars.

High waisted shorts
Taylor swift loves to pair her high waist-ed shorts with shirts and tees.She chooses shorts that transform casual look into perfectly dressed up look.High waist-ed shorts are so versatile and it accentuates your height and makes you look taller.They are so versatile and they may be vintage but they are still hip in current fashion trend

If you have tried these looks or if you have found inspiration from these looks then let me  know .
with love

Friday, September 16, 2016

dreams about your father

Each dream has its unique and different meanings.The things that we dream can mean something in our real life and there are different dreams that we dreams that we have during our sleep and each dream can mean something in our real life. The things and persons we dream about try to say something.Here are some meanings when we dream about our father.

*To see your father in our dream symbolizes authority and protection.It suggests that you should be more self reliant.Consider building bond with him and it means his character are incorporated in yourself

*To see your father is dead means that you should be very careful with your business and you need to proceed with caution in conducting some business matter.

*To dream that you are hitting your father represents a desperate need for greater closeness with your father.conversely if you dream your father hitting you then it means a lack of emotional connection with your father

*To dream that your father is very angry at you indicates that you are doing something that he doesn't like.there are issues that needs to be solved.

*To see you father wrapped around bandages means you are being put in a situation in which you can't exercise your power.

*To dream that your father has a mistress or a girlfriend  means you are feeling disconnected to your father.

*To dream that you are killing your father means you are rejecting authority and rules.killing your father may be underestimating yourself.It also means you are being like your father and yo don't like it at all.

By Ellie Bajracharya

I hope you liked this post

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

cool heena designs you should try this summer

We all love shrawan.we adore this season  and how can we not forget heena.Heena without shrawan is quite difficult to imagine . Im a huge heena lover andi have decided to write a post about it. I just love making crazy heena designs on my hand  be it winter or summer.Heena is also very good for hands as it helps to soften them.It works as a moisturizer.I hope you like these heena designs and let me know what you think of these ideas.
ellie ^-^