Monday, June 5, 2017

easy ways to cheat kylie jenners style

We all have seen her grow up from being the little half-sister of Kim Kardashian and stars in Entertainment Weekly’s reality television series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.This social media queen is very much known for her looks and her impeccable style.Kylie Jenner is epitome of beauty and bad ass.She can pull off any look and she can turn around any piece of clothing making it pop.Kylie Jenner, who is known for her rebellious sartorial streak.So here are some ways to replicate Kylie's style.

Crop top
I did not notice this until I wondered why most of Kylie Jenner street  outfits are crop top.Crop tops are great if you are short like me as it accentuates  height. But she took subtle proportions to measure and that wasn’t obvious at all! That’s an example of illusion with fashion, folks!

Believe it or not denim never go out of fashion and it has been very popular since many years.Kylie Jenner is a huge fan of denim.She likes to sport denim outfits be it pencil skirt or chambray skirt.Denims are just great for everyone and anyone can look decent or edgy in it.

Duster coats
Duster coats are really versatile and you can choose this in different colors like brown and black.Surround a beautiful pants and you will make the world stop and stare at you.The coat will add a little structured flair to the outfit that will make it ideal for traveling.

Graphic tees
Graphic tees are very versatile and chic.I just love the way graphic tees give a youthful and vibrant look .You can wear graphic tees with basic jeans or a skater skirt coz the choice is completely yours.So you want to channel the inner Kylie hidden inside you then this is a must have fashion item.

Go monochromatic with black
A wonderful application to the two common height-boosting tips is to go monochromatic.You can also wear black colored outfit from head to will never make a fashion blunder

Experiment with lots of dyes
This 18 year old bad ass is extremely dauntless when it comes to coloring hair. You can choose pale green ,blonde and ombre green green to channel the inner Kylie Jenner hidden inside you.Hate her or loathe her but you should accept than she is very hot.

Believe it or not the Kardashian/Jenner s have changed the game when it comes to makeup.They have set the trend of contouring and highlighting and this technique of makeup is a bomb as it can transform your look.Don't be hesitant to try contouring and highlighting if you're a true Kylie Jenner fan like me.

 Long nails
I've been stalking her so much on her instagram and twitter account and ive noticed that she is a huge fan of long nails.Manicured and stilleto nails are perfect to copy her style

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