Sunday, November 8, 2015

diy spiked headband

Forget looking perfect and conventional this season its time to get the devilmay care attitude look with the comeback of edgy fashion have to try these cool spiked headband.It will cost you around 450 rs in  retail outlets.but why spend it so much when can make your own
Things you will need
1.plain black headband]
3.super glue

 Follow these steps
 1.take a headband and some studs and spikes of your choice.
 2.put super glue on your studs and stick them on to your headband.
 3.wait for few minutes and your done!!!!1

Diy water ballon flip flops

I’ve been seeing these water balloon flip flops all over the web, for as long as I can remember. But after being so happy with how our our ribbon flip flops turned out, I decided to give these a go. The concept is the same as with the ribbon flip flops, you are basically just tying them onto the strap of the sandal.
Its really easy and effortless and its very inexpensive.anyone can do this and its looks really interesting.Big houses like D&G ,d square etc are sporting this slippers

What You’ll Need
 1. flip flops
 2.120 water balloons

Beginning at one end of the flip flop strap, tie on a water balloon making a double knot at the top. For comfort, be sure that the smooth side of the balloon is touching the foot and the knot is facing upward. Continue tying balloons onto the flip flop until completely covered, alternating the direction of the balloons as you tie. This way you won’t end up with all tops on one side and ends on the other.

Helpful Tips:
Stretch the balloons slightly before tying.
Once you tie the balloon on the strap pull it tight so the balloons appear fluffy.
Be sure to push the balloons close together as you work so that they are nice and tight.
This flip craft will be a little tricky for younger kids, because the balloons are so small. You could easily do this project with larger balloons.
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Diy Double pearl dior inspired earring

As I mentioned a few days ago, pearls worn in different ways are right up my alley. In honour of the amazing Dior pearl earrings I’ve been seeing everywhere, today I’m going to show you how to DIY a similar style yourself. I worked out they weren’t too hard to make my own using pearl earrings and pearl beads, or get yourself one of these DIY pearl embellishment kits!
things you will need
  • Pearl earrings
  • Matching pearl beads in large size
  • Rubber earring backs
  • Super glue
  • a skewer
                                            put some glue at the end of skewer

Press it into the hole of the pearl bead and Then with your fingers press the rubber earring back into the hole


 Press it down hard so it goes all the way in and then leave to dry..Check the hole is clear using the earring back and your done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i hope you liked this post and let meknow what you think of my work
with love Ellie
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    Monday, November 2, 2015

    how to get the casual street style

    hey everyone whatsup?? right now i am a big fan of street style.
    i wore my boyfriend jeans along with my lace vans.My lace vans is a DIY.i was really inspired by a Christian Dior RUnaway and i made one.i m also harbouring my favorite dope beanies to add edge to the look.i also wore my favorite boyfriend shirt .i hpe u liked this post plz let me know about your opinion
    mucha gracias

    ur gonna miss me wen im gone

    hey guys whats up?im harbouring 50's look.As we know thtvintage fashion is alll about minimal  so i paired this black plead skirt and white shirt and i added my leather jacket for a flirty a huge comfort freak and thats why i paired my mary janes with the look i hope u liked this  look .leave a comment and let me know
    mucha gracias

    cute nerd HallOWeeN look

    hey people wats up ???on halloween im became the CUte Nerd.This idea is easy and effortless it does nt take much expense .i took my favorite purple plaid shirt to give edge to the can never go wrong with a black tshirt  and i added my nerd glasses to complete the look.u can get this look from your wardrobe i hopeu liked this.plz let me know what you think and leave a comment.bye see ya
    mucha gracias