Wednesday, March 30, 2016

epic ways to style narrow shoulders for men and women

Not everyone is happy with narrow shoulders while some people decide to embrace their flaws and imperfection.Here are are epic ways to style narrow shoulder.

1.U neck tshirts

U-neck shirts and blouses are a no-no if you have narrow shoulders. For one thing, these shirts don't tend to sit right on narrow shoulders. As well, the curve of the neckline draws all the wrong #attention, and they can actually make your shoulders seem even smaller

2. square necklines

 it is better to choose clothing with square cuts and horizontal lines. These types of cuts automatically make shoulders look much broader, so if that is the effect you are going for, these are the kinds of clothes for you. The blocky design will create the illusion of width – but choose the cut carefully because, again, you don't want to go over the top.
I have small shoulders myself but i like to embrace this imperfection.

3.shiny fabrics

 f you are looking to make your shoulders look broader, however, there are ways to do that as well. One of them involves the use of shiny fabrics. Metallic fabrics and others like them will make your shoulders look larger, although not too large, so they can flatter your narrow shoulders by making them seem bigger than they are.

4.shoulder pads

If you are a gurl or a boy and you have narrow shoulder then you should optfor shoulder pads.Jackets with good shoulder pads are one of your best friends; they can make slight or sloping shoulders look bigger and squarer instantly. If you want to build up your shoulders when you aren’t wearing a jacket, you could have a tailor apply some very light shoulder pads to your other tops and shirts. Otherwise consider shirts that feature spread and other wide collar styles can help make your shoulders look broader.

5. color

A light colored top or jacket can help to make you look bigger through the shoulders, because light colors makes your body appear #broad. Dark colors tend to recede and minimize an area so when possible avoid black, navy and charcoal in the upper body region. If you want to wear a dark suit, make sure that it has good shoulder pads.

6. boat neck 

Also known as princess or bateau neckline, boatneck is great for offsetting wide hips since it softly follows curve of the collarbone and tends to make shoulders visually wider.  Generally, these look best on women with long necks and smaller heads because the style can make both look wider. So, pay attention if you have broad shoulders because this can also make your shoulders look even broader.
It enhances chest area so it’s great for ladies with small chest. These look best on hourglass figures, and because it covers the arms elegantly and comfortably, it’s also best suited for women with bulky arms. But if you have a short, thick neck or double chin, be careful with this high necked style, as it will only call attention to these areas. shoulder dress or tshirt

These necklines sit off the shoulder or below them and run along the collarbone. They are similar to boat necklines in that they generally cut across the figure nearly horizontally, but significantly lower, below the shoulders and collarbone. In various wedding dresses, they usually paired with sweetheart achieving an incredibly flattering appearance that also perfect to almost every body shape – especially for pear body shape.
Off-the-shoulders come in several different styles. Some expose both shoulders at once, while some expose only one shoulder. But generally, these are best for the well-endowed as it enhances flattering yet elegant effect around bust area. For pear shape or those with narrow shoulders, off-shoulders are can give shoulders a broader look.


8. Wear horizontal stripes prints or patterns.

Horizontal stripes prints and patterns at your upper body will help widen your narrow shoulders due to the left-to-right effect (across). Try to avoid vertical prints and wear them only at your lower body.


Friday, March 25, 2016

peppy owl

Ey! peeps WATS up?? Recently i went to pokhara I had lots of fun and i had jolly good time in the it was a wild experience to boat in Phewa lake .i harbored my pink t shirt with my black skinnies.i completed the look with my vintage owl necklace. i hope you liked this look.
owl necklace:Masala beads
skinnies:local store
pink t shirt:local store
mucha gracias

Saturday, March 19, 2016

lavender sweater

Hey peeps whats up??Its like a week i guess i didn't post anything.i was so busy. I miss winter so much and that's why Ive decided to post this picture.i am a sweater kind of person you will find me wearing sweater all the time.i am really in love with my lavender sweater because its cute, chic and suits me.i hope you like this post.Dun forget to leave a comment because i value it.
flats-diy glitter shoes check different youtube channel
prada purse-thrifted for i forgot :(
check shirt -gifted

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

celebrity tattoo inspiration

Tattoos are used from olden days.Believe it or not people used it to express themselves.Personally, I would say that getting a tattoo depends on the person. It’s not something that is required for anyone so if you’re not for it, don’t get it but if you are, by all means, get yourself a good one. Here are some celebrity inspired tattoo ideas that you can take inspiration from in case you decide to get one for yourself.

 Rihanna’s star tattoo – Rihanna’s star tattoo from the nape down sure is a scene stealer. It’s a great tattoo to have if you have long hair and would like to give out a sweet little surprise every time you put your hair up. It’s something that’s not easily seen but is a pretty sight when made visible.

 Angelina Jolie’s Buddhist Prayer tattoo – if you’re looking for something exotic but profound to be inked on your skin, why not do what Jolie did and get either a quote or a prayer written in a different language or in symbols? Others may not understand it at first but at least you can and that makes a great conversation piece.

Ellie Goulding's Tibetan tattoo :If you are looking for something stylish then you should try a tattoo on your wrist.Ellie Goulding tattoo is perfect embodiment of wanting a tattoo.Goulding's tattoo reads "om mane peme om" which is a Tibetan phrase.

Demi lovato’s tattoo – here’s something that a lot of girls would definitely copy in a heartbeat: demi lovato's inspirational tattoo. It’s small, it’s cute and it’s simple. It’s definitely a great first tattoo idea for all the girls out there who would like to experience getting inked.

 Cara Delevingne’s tattoo:Some actually like to express themselves in permanent ways like tattoos and that is what Cara has on her index finger. Cara’s index finger tattoo of a lion looks like a gorgeous wring wrapped around her finger and may well be considered an accessory in its own right.

goodbye winter

hey peeps whats up!!! its been a long time that i did not post anything.I have been really lazy and this time i went out in Panauti. Panauti is such a beautiful place .i sported this denim jacket and i layered this look with my favorite plaid shirt and braided burgundy sweater to beat the chill.Im a very jeans kind of person so i  wore my favorite black jeans because its versatile.currently i am obsessed with my moschino bag because its super deep and fits anything.All the clothing that i purchased is thrifted and forgot where I purchased it.:(
I hope you liked this post

Thursday, March 10, 2016

cute and feminine tattoo ideas for girls

A time was there when people used to clink their nose when it comes to tattoos .now and then people use tattoos to express themselves, honor memory of someone they love or to show special person how they are loved.Men used to have all the fun when it came to tattoos but the modern times have changed the ideal. Nowadays, women are also getting inked, whether it’s for fun or for self expression. A lot of people have the wrong notion that all tattoos on women look trashy, skanky and awful but it really depends on what you get done and where you have it done. Below you’ll find cute and feminine tattoo ideas that are very expressive yet classy.

Butterflies : Butterflies are often used to represent  reaching for your dreams. It can also represent beauty and majesty taking from the butterfly’s humble journey from a cocoon to a beautiful, vibrant, colorful creature.

Crowns :Crowns are perhaps one the things that both men and women can ink on their skin.It represents beauty and uniqueness.

Cherry blossoms :Though technically also classified as flowers, the cherry blossoms or ‘sakura’ have a special following among females who are looking for more symbolic and poetic icons.  Cherry blossoms look dainty and delicate and are perfect when inked either as individual blossoms or the whole vine / branch.

 Feather :Single feather tattoos are becoming increasingly popular for feminine tattoos these days. Feathers can symbolize peace and serenity (dove) but also death (crow) so if you’re getting one, it’s important to be specific.

 A word, phrase, or quote to live by : This is also becoming increasingly popular. Simple words like ‘dream’ or ‘love’ or quotes in fancy fonts are great ink ideas you can have done.Whatever tattoo you choose to get, make sure you get it from someone who knows his stuff. Cheap tattoos can save you loads but there’s no guarantee you’ll get what you want and not regret it.

 Zodiac sign :What could be more personal than a tattoo that says a lot about you? Zodiac signs are interesting symbols and are also very personal.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

what does Your birth order says about your love life

Want some fresh insight into your love personality?Forget about whether you"re Leo.Pisces or Aquarius ; instead consider whether you're first born ,middle child or a baby of the family.Read on for more insight into your love life.

If you're the oldest child ...
First born child are the natural leaders.You're a take-charge person,so not the type to drive friends and romantic partners crazy asking questions like,"i dunno where we should we eat :where do you want to go?'Instead you'll make sure you have reservation -and land a prime table too. and anyone lucky enough to pair up with you wont spend weeknights wondering whether he or she has Saturday night plans because oldest kids are planners.

Your love challenge:Being more spontaneous.First born aren't the "seize the day" sort (you're not one to text your sweetie to suggest meeting at cafe you just walked past.Likewise you hate surprises.Pity the fool who springs meeting the parents on you or when you thought it was two of you going out tonight

Best match:The youngest child .its a case of opposite help the last born be more organized and the last born helps you to lighten up.

If you're the middle child....
Contrary to their reputation as insecure messes (example :jan brady),middle kids actually make stable and loyal probably grew up feeling like you got less attention than your siblings and that drives you to work for every perk-including  a happy relationship.Also in the positive category :you're compromiser and you'll give your partner plenty of say in happy relationship.

Your love challenge :Have you ever been told than you are difficult to understand?middle children can be secretive.they got hammered by oldest child and swindled by the baby ,so they keep their cards close to their're not the best communicator when you're upset.If you will learn to speak up then you will have a harmonious relationship.

Best match: youngest child

If you're the youngest child..
You're all about're vibrant and friendly.the most outgoing all in the birth spectrum,youngest children live to have a good time (it may be because your parents were more laid back by the time you came along).

Your love challenge:Babies are the least financial dependable(it comes from being  well taken care of all your life). That means your date may be stuck up picking up the tab and credit card has maxed out.

Best match: either the eldest child or middle child.

If you're the only child...
You're a rock solid citizen and a sweetie.Only children are're serious and're a rare person who will stay up all night helping a friend for a big presentation or for licensing are always punctual and true to your have a great conversation skill

Your love challenge: you're so cautious that you make be slow to act (i.e someone else has to make the first move)

Best match: Youngest child because both of you can balance each other.