Tuesday, March 15, 2016

celebrity tattoo inspiration

Tattoos are used from olden days.Believe it or not people used it to express themselves.Personally, I would say that getting a tattoo depends on the person. It’s not something that is required for anyone so if you’re not for it, don’t get it but if you are, by all means, get yourself a good one. Here are some celebrity inspired tattoo ideas that you can take inspiration from in case you decide to get one for yourself.

 Rihanna’s star tattoo – Rihanna’s star tattoo from the nape down sure is a scene stealer. It’s a great tattoo to have if you have long hair and would like to give out a sweet little surprise every time you put your hair up. It’s something that’s not easily seen but is a pretty sight when made visible.

 Angelina Jolie’s Buddhist Prayer tattoo – if you’re looking for something exotic but profound to be inked on your skin, why not do what Jolie did and get either a quote or a prayer written in a different language or in symbols? Others may not understand it at first but at least you can and that makes a great conversation piece.

Ellie Goulding's Tibetan tattoo :If you are looking for something stylish then you should try a tattoo on your wrist.Ellie Goulding tattoo is perfect embodiment of wanting a tattoo.Goulding's tattoo reads "om mane peme om" which is a Tibetan phrase.

Demi lovato’s tattoo – here’s something that a lot of girls would definitely copy in a heartbeat: demi lovato's inspirational tattoo. It’s small, it’s cute and it’s simple. It’s definitely a great first tattoo idea for all the girls out there who would like to experience getting inked.

 Cara Delevingne’s tattoo:Some actually like to express themselves in permanent ways like tattoos and that is what Cara has on her index finger. Cara’s index finger tattoo of a lion looks like a gorgeous wring wrapped around her finger and may well be considered an accessory in its own right.

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