Thursday, March 3, 2016

what does Your birth order says about your love life

Want some fresh insight into your love personality?Forget about whether you"re Leo.Pisces or Aquarius ; instead consider whether you're first born ,middle child or a baby of the family.Read on for more insight into your love life.

If you're the oldest child ...
First born child are the natural leaders.You're a take-charge person,so not the type to drive friends and romantic partners crazy asking questions like,"i dunno where we should we eat :where do you want to go?'Instead you'll make sure you have reservation -and land a prime table too. and anyone lucky enough to pair up with you wont spend weeknights wondering whether he or she has Saturday night plans because oldest kids are planners.

Your love challenge:Being more spontaneous.First born aren't the "seize the day" sort (you're not one to text your sweetie to suggest meeting at cafe you just walked past.Likewise you hate surprises.Pity the fool who springs meeting the parents on you or when you thought it was two of you going out tonight

Best match:The youngest child .its a case of opposite help the last born be more organized and the last born helps you to lighten up.

If you're the middle child....
Contrary to their reputation as insecure messes (example :jan brady),middle kids actually make stable and loyal probably grew up feeling like you got less attention than your siblings and that drives you to work for every perk-including  a happy relationship.Also in the positive category :you're compromiser and you'll give your partner plenty of say in happy relationship.

Your love challenge :Have you ever been told than you are difficult to understand?middle children can be secretive.they got hammered by oldest child and swindled by the baby ,so they keep their cards close to their're not the best communicator when you're upset.If you will learn to speak up then you will have a harmonious relationship.

Best match: youngest child

If you're the youngest child..
You're all about're vibrant and friendly.the most outgoing all in the birth spectrum,youngest children live to have a good time (it may be because your parents were more laid back by the time you came along).

Your love challenge:Babies are the least financial dependable(it comes from being  well taken care of all your life). That means your date may be stuck up picking up the tab and credit card has maxed out.

Best match: either the eldest child or middle child.

If you're the only child...
You're a rock solid citizen and a sweetie.Only children are're serious and're a rare person who will stay up all night helping a friend for a big presentation or for licensing are always punctual and true to your have a great conversation skill

Your love challenge: you're so cautious that you make be slow to act (i.e someone else has to make the first move)

Best match: Youngest child because both of you can balance each other.

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