Sunday, May 14, 2017

six genius style lesson abhaya subba weise can teach you

Abhaya Subba Weise is no question ,one of the fashionable singer.She is known for crooning skills and also her impeccable style.She is a perfect epitome of beauty and grace.She has always experimented with style.She isn't afraid to express her sense of style.she has already set a mark in Nepali music industry.She needs no introduction and she has not only inspired music lovers but also fashion enthusiast.This 'sakdina ma' hit-maker has  a unique sense of fashion that will let your jaw drop.Here are few style lessons from this rocker chick to replicate:


Monochrome look is great especially if you are short.wearing dress of same color  from head to toe will accentuate height and creates a illusion of taller body.When you stick to one color, there is a sense of continuity from your head to bottom and this creates a sort of vertical line on your body. I would suggest sticking to a darker shade and having the exact same shade with your top and bottom. Matching sets will do nicely for this kind of outfit.I've seen Abhaya wearing a lot of blacks and you can also wear an outfit like of her to unchain that inner rock goddess hidden inside you.


If you  want to improve on the height department–especially the petite ladies. And when we ladies have passed eighteen years of age and milk does not do the trick anymore, we find other ways to add a few inches to our stature.So we run to fashion to help us in creating an illusion that would make us look taller than we really are.If you are a short girl  then rompers are your best choice.It makes legs appear longer and accentuate your height.

 A touch of glitter

A little bit of glitter never goes out of style coz who doesnt loves sparkles.Whether your a working lady or a student you can carry off anything with sparkles. Outfit with a touch of glitter can amp up your style quotient.If you have a narrow shoulders then  sequinned tshirts or coats should be choosen  coz it gives an illusion of more broad look

Pick up the right shade

She has a huge obsession for sunnies and you can notice her wearing a lot of cat eye sunnies and mercury sunglasses.She has epic sense of style and she never goes wrong while picking the right shade to add glamor to her look.To be honest I love her  coz this diva is so fierce when  it comes to style and singing.

Floppy hat

Floppy hat is one the necessary piece of accessories.Floppy hats are available in different designs  and style.If its winter and you intending to buy one then you should buy hat made of straw instead opt for floppy hats made of felt.Its a great accessory as it can transform any boring outfit into a cute one.

Feather earrings

Feather earrings are back with a bang .they are versatile chic and bohemain.Its  very girly and vibrant and it can never go wrong with these.If you want to copy her style then you should definitely sport it.

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