Tuesday, April 18, 2017

9 genius ways to look taller

Most of us probably wants to improve on the height department–especially the petite ladies. And when we ladies have passed eighteen years of age and milk does not do the trick anymore, we find other ways to add a few inches to our stature.
And of course, you don’t want to make yourself suffer and be pulled on a taffy puller. So we run to fashion to help us in creating an illusion that would make us look taller than we really are. We wearand avoid unflattering clothes that can swamp up your height. So here are a few outfit ideas and tips & tricks to make you look taller.


Wear The Right
Sometimes, all you need to do is create an illusion of longer legs. And you have numerous to go to for this. You could try wearing a pair of high-waisted pants and pair it with a crop top or an inserted top. You could also go with a cropped pants that hangs over your ankles and you can pair this with almost anything.

Mini skirt
Mini skirt are short girls best friend coz it makes you look taller .|Choose for darker color as this would help in emphasizing your legs. Of course, if you’re not that comfortable in showing so much of your skin, you could layer a pair of tights underneath. It also adds to the preppy chicness of the outfit.

High-Waisted Adds Height
Keeping your bottom clothes past your hips will definitely help make you look taller. However, you don’t want to be too obvious with it so go for waist-length clothes. You also want to tuck your top inside to have a more proportional look with your top and bottom. This way, you’d definitely look like you have longer legs.

When you stick to one color, there is a sense of continuity from your head to bottom and this creates a sort of vertical line on your body. I would suggest sticking to a darker shade and having the exact same shade with your top and bottom. Matching sets will do nicely for this kind of outfit.

 Showing some skin does not only means showing much of your legs but also try to show much of your neck part. Especially to those who have a more conservative style and does not do sleeveless. V-necks not only makes you look taller but it drags the attent.Avoid turtleneck and scalloped neck that will make you look stubby and short.

Long boots
Another way to add a few inches on your height is by wearing knee high or over-the-knee boots. With this, you could opt on having a peeking glance of skin showing by pairing it with shorts or mini skirts or you could also wear it over your  skinny jeans.

Nude Sandals
Another way to show as skin is by wearing nude heels. They create this illusion of you on tip toe, especially when your wearing heels and shorts or skirts. Choose a nude shade that will really look nude on you. This means an exact or approximate shade of your skin. And while it’s highly suggested to also expose as much legs with this scheme, you could always opt to wear it on pants.

Choose Thin Belts
Thin belts are subtle and edgy because it makes you look taller. I suggest a color that will stand out from the rest of your outfit.

The Right Hairstyle
You could also try to make yourself taller by having the right  hairstyle. Bob cuts are trendy this season and is very chic too. Of course, if you’re not ready to bid farewell to your long locks,then fake a bob like a boss. You can find many tutorials in YouTube on how to fake a bob. Top knots also adds height and for obvious reasons.

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