Tuesday, February 9, 2016

5 ways to get out of insecurity

At some point in our life ,we all had to struggle insecurity.Even i had felt unworthy of love for my life.my insecurity made me problems where they didn't exist,turning what could have been a successful relationship into a short lived,dismal failure.A common question that replayed in my head was:"would he be sick of someday? or "How could they love me?someday they will flirt with other girls and leave me."If so here  are few ways to let go of insecurity.

1.stop overthinking

overthinking causes you mental tension.its the head that messes you up.stop psycho-analyzing every word choice that your partner makes and be more present in the moment.Obsessing  with hidden meanings will surely backfire things.

2.Stop feeling paranoid over nothing

Stalking on others is very bad and its not cool to invade others privacy.
Avoid the temptation to snooping your partners phone, Facebook message or emails account.This could irritate you.It also helps to develop a behavior that could quickly become addictive ,not to mention damaging for relationship trust.

3.Be independent

Being independent is the most beautiful thing.Being independent is a form of loving oneself.we should do all our things all by ourself.The more independent we are, we will get more respect and love from others.Just like you shouldnt invite a friend to your home while its a disaster,you shouldnt invite a partner  into your life while its a disarray.Take care of your inner house before you invite anyone else.

4.stop seeing things in black and white

If you have a problem ,don't immediately point the finger,but instead approach your partner with compassion and understanding.Don't just pinpoint their mistake instead talk it out and solve it.Pinpointing their mistake will damage your relationship.we all are imperfect and we all make mistakes so no relation can be that perfect its up to you how you  deal your relation.

5.Inculcate positive thinking

Your thoughts can be your best friend and your worse enemy.if you start  bring all your negative thoughts in your mind ,you will be in a worse situation.

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