Wednesday, January 6, 2016

diy zipper clutch

quite recently i went through a random blog and my eyes got over this amazing diy. i've been a huge fan of clutches

after reading it, one thing i immediately had to try was the diY zippered clutch they had featured. it is so cute, and though it took me a few minutes to get the hang of sewing zippers (can someone say crooked seams?!), it really was a quick and easy project.
 some pointers before you try it out:

1. the hardest part was finding zippers. i went to three local craft/ fabric stores and no one had enough stock (you'll need 7) of a 7" zipper in an appealing color.

. a set of 10 (mine were light khaki but you can specify any color) was only for 150 rs that is way cheaper than they would have been at the fabric store and they were exactly what i was looking for. bonus- i had three extra to ruin as i got the hang of sewing zippers.
2. duck cloth is a great material for the backing. i only bought 1/4 of a yard which was way more than i even needed, and with a coupon it was 85 rs. they didn't have an exact match to my zippers so i went with a light grey; i think it is a lovely compliment.
3. i should thank my near friend who helped me to sew this amazing zipper clutch not only that i learned to can also try this DIy as its easy all you need issome zippers and some duck cloth and you just need
to sew it and your done .viola !!!!!
i hope you liked it plz let me know what you think about this DIy
with love ellie
mucha gracias ^_^

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