Tuesday, January 19, 2016

5 weird hacks that you need to know

We all have gone through that day and when  we  look in the mirror and we realize with a sinking feeling that it's one of those days - a Bad Hair Day. so you wanna tame your hair and look hot like Nina Dobrev ???Try these tips when you have a bad hair day

1. Egg mask
its a natural ingredient that helps provide nutrition  to your hair .it helps to repair your damaged hair.if your hair is dry and frizzy then egg mask is perfect for you.Take one egg in a bowl and put a  teaspoon of oil in it .Put that hair mask  for 20 minutes.use a strong shampoo to wash it out and it works to wonders.

Coca Cola is undoubtedly the world’s most popular beverage, but we are rarely aware of some amazing alternative uses of Coke. When you are not drinking your Coke you can always use it for a wide range of different purpose and one of the use is curling hair Phosphoric acid is Coca Cola contracts the hair cuticles, thereby enhancing the natural curls of your hair. Hence, next time when you are looking for an inexpensive hair curling strategy, wash your hair with Coca Cola. celebrities like Suki Waterhouse use it.
 "I don't like my hair when it's washed — it's fine and limp — but Coca-Cola makes it tousled, like I've gone through the Amazon or something." --Suki Waterhouse, US Weekly

believe it or not mayonaise helps to deeply condition your hair.many celebrities use mayonaise to achieve a beautiful hair.you can apply mayonaise for an hour and rinse off with water and shampoo.you will easily get a beautiful and silky hair  and  it helps to repair your dry and damaged hair


cinnamon  is great for your frizzy hair.it not only softens yourhair but it also repairs your damaged hair.take cinnamon powder and egg whites and apply it on your hair.leave it for few minutes and your hair will look beautiful.
5.olive oil
many celebrities use olive oil to cope with bad hair days.it really softens your hair.celebs like Fergie use olive oil to get soft hair.it also add silkiness to hair.
 "On tour, we would have to put it up in a ponytail super fast, and snatch it up from being down in extensions [in between songs on stage], so the best thing we used was olive oil. It’s crazy. Because it was cheap, we would just pour it on, slick grease it back, and then stick the whole long extension and all the rubber bands in, and so a lot of times we’d get right on the tour bus, and I would just wrap it up in a bun, throw a scarf on or a shower cap when I got in my bunk, and sleep in it—wash your hair the next day, and it’s like silk." -- Fergie, Byrdie

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