Thursday, December 24, 2015

how to not care about what others think

we mostly care about what people think.we accept a status quote because everyone does the same around us.eventually our action get molded by what other think of us how do i look?do i look stupid?what are they thinking about me?are they talking  behind my back. just writing that gave me a headache.its dreadful and exhausting.if we care about what people think then we will become their makes a follower and a spineless spectator who take stand for nothing.pleasing people is a dreadful way to live life .today is the last day we live a life dictated by other .today we will not give a damn  about others perception.if you want to stand out then you can do the following things:
1. know yourself: it doesn't matter what others think of you.even if they think  good of you I dont think there is going to be anything different or remarkable.its absolutely essential to understand and value ourself.if u value your  principle and perception then rest will not matter.if u have ur values straight u will have your shit straight .sorry for being offensive Im not used to sugarcoating things

2.Be a straight arrow:never be afraid to tell the truth no matter how difficult it like a straight arrow .always be on point.we cant please everyone.if we please everyone we will become a spineless spectator.spending your life thinking about others perception is a dreadful way to live our life.the world doesn't need one conflict avoider.

3. Nobody cares:no one really gives a damn about you.when i was young i was worried about what people would think of me now that Im old Im realized they weren't thinking about me..the truth is nobody cares.they will rate you or break you but its up to you how strong you can stay.
4.try random things:now you can try different things which are considered to be awkward or embarrassing or something which is not embarrassing like
*getting a pixie cut
*wearing cat eye shades
*dressing like Miley Cyrus

  ahhahahha :D
 i hope you liked my article and remember be brave and dont give a shit to anyone's perception 
wid love ellie
mucha gracias

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