Friday, December 9, 2016

Few style lessons from taylor swift

Taylor swift is no question ,one of the fashionable singer.She is known for crooning skills and also her impeccable style.she is a perfect epitome of beauty and grace.This "I knew you were trouble hit maker" has always experimented with style.Taylor on the other hand goes for comfortable and chic style.she isn't afraid to express her sense of style.Here a tips on how to get Taylor swift style:

High slit skirt

You have seen these in runaways and on red carpet.This trend is one the coolest thing happening now.The key too look chic and elegant while wearing this style is to keep everything minimal.Swift isnt afraid of trying new things .she is very versatile when it comes to fashion.Slit skirts are very edgy and feminine.If you want to channel this diva's style then this is the perfect choice.

Classic oxfords

If you aren't up for making the effort dressing up,slip on oxford shoes and take the most of comfortable dress so that attention goes down below your shoes.Its comfortable and at the same time its very classy and chic.This 'I knew you were trouble' hit-maker isn't afraid to choose vintage fashion to amp up style quotient.

Oxfords are the best way to amp up your style quotient if you give your first priority to comfort.

The Breton Top

The Breton stripes is, by far, one of the chicest prints existing. It was first started by Audrey Hepburn and now its like the most essential piece needed in every girl's wardrobe.So we cannot question its presence in this list. The print exudes a certain air of casualness and a good enough amount of chic. And this, in turn, makes the printed top a versatile piece.Taylor swift has a obsession for Breton top and her sense of style is very vintage.She is a mind blowing minimalist who likes to keep things simple and chic

The Simple Dress

Taylor swift loves classy dresses and she wore such dresses in front and outside the camera. These dress are all non-flowing and creates a shape on your silhouette. Find a dress that will fit your body quite well. In fact, you can just find a good tailor who will adjust them to your order to copy her style you should wear simple dress and also a red lipstick.

Printed pants

Printed pants are very popular these days.they are raging these days from Versace runaways to of the reason for it to be popular is comfort.It creates an illusion and makes you look taller.Its really classy and I am also in love with it.Anyone can carry it with confidence.Taylor Swift has a adventurous style and she is very experimental when it comes to fashion she doesn't likes to be monotonous.

Perfect winged liner

Taylor swift rarely goes out without expertly lining her lids with black eyeliner for a perfect cat eye effect.She loves vintage fashion and she doesn't take a second thought to try vintage style.She used to watch a lot of old movies and she likes to try make up tricks done by old Hollywood movie stars.

High waisted shorts

Taylor swift loves to pair her high waist-ed shorts with shirts and tees.She chooses shorts that transform casual look into perfectly dressed up look.High waist-ed shorts are so versatile and it accentuates your height and makes you look taller.They are so versatile and they may be vintage but they are still hip in current fashion trend

If you have tried these looks or if you have found inspiration from these looks then let me  know .

with love