Monday, May 2, 2016

style inspiration from Audrey Hepburn

Audrey hepburn is known for her versatile style and she was deemed to be the most stylish person of her time..Tailored clothes, high-waist pants, head scarves,striped tshirt and little black were the most essential for her.Audrey Hepburn  became a style representative of that decade was the obvious comfort and exquisite delivery that she brings on the things she wore. She was comfortable in her own skin and on her sartorial choices more frequently than on her talent in acting.
Even to this day, Audrey Hepburn’s style is regarded as highly as it was in the last decade and the decade before that. Her taste in fashion has a timeless classyness .
Here are some wardrobe staples you will need for an Audrey Hepburn-inspired outfit

 The Breton Top
The Breton stripes is, by far, one of the chicest prints existing. So we cannot question its presence in this list. The print exudes a certain air of casualness and a good enough amount of chic. And this, in turn, makes the printed top a versatile piece.


The Simple Dress
Audrey Hepburn is widely known for the simple yet classy dresses that she wore in front and outside the camera. These dress are all non-flowing and creates a shape on your silhouette. Find a dress that will fit your body quite well. In fact, you can just find a good tailor who will adjust them to your size.

 The Head Scarf
During the 1950s, head scarves were a thing of beauty that a lot of women frequently wore as a head accessories. There is a certain classiness and looseness to them that makes them such a wonderful accessory for summer. And since it was widely used during the ’40s and ’50s, they hold a vintage-y atmosphere to them.

The cateye sunnies 
one of the good way to channel style audrey hepburn's style is classic cateye is very popular still now because its so versatile and it suits any type of face be it round or heart shepe.Find a cateye glasses to suit ur face.

The cropped pants
cropped pants are raging these days from Versace runaways to of the reason for it to be popular is comfort.It creates an illusion and makes you look taller.Its really classy and I am also in love with it.Anyone can carry it with confidence.

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